Dealing with the aftermath of a break up in this online world

Some words from my friend, spoken word poet, queer activist, and all-in-all amazing human being, Jovi Radtke, about the aftermath of a break up in this online world.

Please check it out:



NaPoWriMo 7:30 Wild Horses – catching up on posting, a writing prompt, thoughts so far, and thanks!

I hope everyone’s NaPoWriMo is going well. Things here have been going well, but everyday life and work has gotten in my way of posting daily. One thing it hasn’t gotten in the way of is writing. I’ve been able to write a little each day and I’ve really enjoyed this challenge.

What’s been enjoyable about this challenge is getting started on future spoken word pieces, exploring new poetry by branching out into different voices, and really embracing the haiku. Even though I may have only posted one poem or haiku on a given day, I’ve been working on some longer pieces. Some of them have been in my style of spoken word and others have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I look forward to sharing some of those later even in their incomplete stages. In comparison to last year, I’ve completed more poetry pieces which is just awesome.

I also want to say thanks to all the folks who have checked out my blog, followed or liked the posts, and took the time to comment. Braving a WordPress blog for NaPoWriMo has introduced me to a welcoming community. So thanks again!

Now let’s get back to the challenge…

For my NaPoWriMo Day 7 poem, I did a writing prompt which you’ll find at the link below. A fellow poet showed me this prompt and it was one of the few I did last year. I enjoyed going through the process last year so I thought it would be good to try again – it’s called Through the Door. In a nutshell, you take a quote you like (I used a song lyric) and that is your line 15. Then, imagine hearing that phrase “through the door” and the misheard phrase is your line 14. Continue mishearing each line then you get your piece. Again, the link gives you the full writing prompt directions.


NaPoWriMo 7:30 -Wild Horses

Why crawl, row straight, would choose sleigh today.

Dry trawl, crows wait, wood screws stay, new bay.

My drawl flows great, could bruise fray, blue grey.

Buy small slow bait, should cruise, sway to prey.

Lies maul, sew hate, could use pray today.

Light stalls, so wait, good muse swathe my say.

Night falls so late, good views bathe the way.

Nice call, sure date, could you save the day.

Ice fall, short fate, couldn’t pave the way.

I scrawled portraits wouldn’t brave the clay.

High walled fortress, couldn’t save the day.

I spelled for C’s, couldn’t grade away.

I held forces, good and bad at bay.

Mild sources couldn’t snag me astray.

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.